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The Budget 2015: Key Points

March 2015

The Chancellor of the exchequer announced the Budget 2015 at midday today, delivering an upbeat assessment of the nation’s economic outlook and outlining a positive Budget which the Conservatives hope will put them in the commanding position in the pre-election polls.

The Chancellor took the opportunity early on to boast about the nation’s growth that the Conservative Government had overseen, with 2014 being measured at 2.6% and 2015 being forecast at a further 2.5%. GDP per capita has risen by 5% and inflation is due to fall to 0.2% this year.

George Osbourne was keen to mention the savings his Budget would provide to the individual, with much discussion prior to the Budget around pension reforms. Here’s a look at the key points from the 2015 Budget and what areas will affect you.

Budget 2015 – Main Points

Key Points For Individuals

The Conservative party was keen to emphasise individuals saving for the future – and providing incentives for them to do so. Alongside auto-enrolment which is being rolled out across all places of work in the UK, they have announced:

Key Points For Businesses

The big win in the business world was for farmers who will be able to average their profits over 5 years to protect themselves from the volatility that comes with their industry. The Government also took moves to protect the local paper, proposing a tax relief to alleviate the financial strain.

What Else Was Announced?

Sector Focus

Whilst most of the sector focus was on the energy industry, with crude oil prices falling drastically in recent weeks – both the agriculture and charity sectors received some positive news to enjoy:

Local Focus

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