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Business Loans

Our Business Loan Advice and Brokering Service

A business loan could be the most appropriate way to finance your growth. Business loans can help any business manage their finances more effectively in the short-term, help them prepare for the future and take advantage of new opportunities.

We understand the ongoing challenges businesses face in securing the finance they need to invest and grow their business. We also understand how complex it can be sometimes to figure out how much you should borrow and which type of loan would best suit your business; that’s why we’ve established a business loan brokering service.

Our experienced finance brokers are on-hand to advise and support you every step of the way, helping you to select the best loan option for you.

Features & Benefits

We provide a variety of different loans to suit your business needs, each with their own unique features and benefits. However, the loans we offer can generally be split into two main categories:

Short-Term Business Loans

A short-term business loan is designed to help cover the cost of specific business purposes, enabling costs to be spread over a 3-12 month term, thus allowing you to free up cash for investment in other areas of your business.

The short-term loan facility will cover a wide range of business purposes:

Business Development Loans

A business Development loan helps business to drive growth by financing key development costs. It can help you to cover a wide range of costs over an extended loan period of 12 to 48 months. 60-month terms are available but are generally reserved for professional firms in the legal, accounting, architectural and healthcare industries.

This medium-term loan option can support a variety of business applications:

How We Work

As a client of Aston Shaw, you’ll benefit from specialist advice and tailored support – those things come as standard. You can call, email or pop into any one of our offices as much as you like and we’ll always do our very best to assist you. We won’t charge you for a five-minute meeting or a phone call or email either.

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Complementary Services

Other services we provide that may be of interest to you include:

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If you’d like to get a loan for your business or more advice about our loan brokering service, but don’t know where to start, then get in touch for a free, informal chat about your options.

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