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Solicitor Accountants

Since 1969, Aston Shaw has assisted solicitors and multi-partner legal firms with specialist accountancy, tax, business and compliance advisory services.

Our solicitor specialists have a wealth of experience in all areas pertaining to the legal profession. We act on behalf of solicitors and solicitor firms of all sizes including sole practitioners, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited companies.

We also work closely with legal practitioners to provide services on behalf of their clients, including litigation support, forensic accounting, trust accounting, trust taxation and probate taxation.

Our expertise provides our clients with the assurance and comfort of knowing that they comply with current industry regulations, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Legal Services Act.

Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

We provide proactive advice, undertake the required compliance checks and ensure that the systems and controls in place are compliant with the SRA rules. We can carry out a specific audit of systems and processes with regards to the handling of client monies to assess efficiency and are qualified to submit a compliance report to the SRA on your behalf.

Legal Services Act

Under the Legal Services Act, law firms are required to put in place much more vigorous internal review and risk assessment procedures. We can offer constructive advice on all financial aspects related to the Legal Services Act and ensure that your systems are fully compliant.

We have experience dealing with all the major issues affecting legal firms, including business structures, practice management, financial forecasts, mergers and acquisitions.

As specialist providers of accountancy, tax and business advisory to the legal profession, we can advise and assist with the following:

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