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Our experience as specialist accountants for offshore oil and gas rig workers, aircrew and seamen spans over 50 years. Today, we work with numerous clients in the sector across the UK.

Our offshore services are intended for clients who are either UK tax-residents but not domiciled in the UK, or UK domiciled but not a UK tax-resident.

We provide our offshore clients with financial, accountancy, taxation and business advisory services tailored to meet their specific needs. We offer a considered and tailored approach advising offshore oil and gas rig workers, aircrew and seamen on their residency position, UK tax planning, compliance and strategies in particular.

Regular tax matters can be complicated enough, but when tax affairs cross international borders, specialist advice is crucial for compliance and to maximise tax efficiency. Our specialist accountants have extensive knowledge and professional experience in the offshore industry, so you can rest assured that your financial advice comes from the best and most capable hands.

Please note, we cannot manage accounts for those who have no tax connections to the UK. Our offshore services are only applicable to UK residents, or those liable to paying UK taxes.

Our specialist offshore services include:

Tax affairs can be complex, and substantial penalties can arise from incorrect submissions which have become ever more confusing in recent years due to major changes in taxation of offshore companies. We can save you valuable time and stress when it comes to managing your finances, so you can focus on managing your business.

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