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Accountants for Barristers

Aston Shaw are specialist barrister accountants. We act for a number of barristers across several chambers nationally. We possess a detailed knowledge of the complexities of the profession, which has been endorsed by significant client growth in this sector in recent years.

Whether you are a pupil, an established barrister, or a judge, we understand the pressures and time constraints facing those within the profession and offer personalised advice on all aspects of their financial affairs. Our level of professionalism and expertise have made us an accountancy firm that many barristers have come to rely on.

As an accountancy practice with a wealth of experience providing services to members of the Bar, we deliver a range of cost-effective, high-value solutions to meet your specific financial needs.

As we find ourselves in this demanding economic climate, we understand the necessity to make your accounting and tax affairs as simple and jargon-free as possible, so that you can spend as much time as possible focusing on your own practice.

Legal Services Act

Under the Legal Services Act, law firms are required to put in place much more vigorous internal review and risk assessment procedures. We can offer constructive advice on all financial aspects related to the Legal Services Act and ensure that your systems are fully compliant.

We have experience dealing with all the major issues affecting legal firms, including business structures, practice management, financial forecasts, mergers and acquisitions.

Our dedicated team of specialists can advise and help with:

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