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5 Top tips to reduce your corporation tax bill

October 2022

We’ve put together 5 ways to help reduce your corporation tax. What is a corporation tax return? A corporation tax return is the financial information most businesses submit to HMRC each year to report on their profit, losses and other factors relating to their tax liability.   This information is then used to determine how much, […]


How will the cost-of-living crisis affect your business?

October 2022

Key takeaways Customers are spending less Businesses need to target their marketing Diversify your offering Make changes now to save in the long-term Re-assess business costs and consolidate Consumers are tightening their wallets, and the cost of doing business is rising but what effect will this have on your business? As the average household’s disposable […]


The Impact Of Rising Energy Prices & What You Can do About It

March 2022

With the UK economy continuing its recovery stage post-covid, there are ongoing issues with the rising rate of inflation (the measurement of our overall cost of living). The main issue is that it is expected for inflation to peak in April at a rate of 8.3%, contrasting to the Bank of England’s forecasted figure of […]


The Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting

October 2021

Aston Shaw Tax return and audit specialists

Regardless of the business size and longevity of its operations, cash flow forecasting holds an integral role in decision making. It’s all well and good that business owners (like yourselves) know the ins and outs of their company, especially when it comes to future expectations of your profit and loss accounts.  However, what you would […]


How We’ve Helped Our Clients Save on Their Business Costs

September 2020

Aston Shaw Business Cost Reduction Service

We work hard to make businesses as profitable as possible by eliminating waste on essential spend. Our Business Cost Reduction service has saved many of our client’s vast sums of money on overheads such as utilities and insurance. In this blog, we’re going to share some of our favourite examples of how we’ve been able […]


Eat Out to Help Out Scheme – Let’s Get You Set Up

July 2020

Eat Out to Help Out Poster

You’ve likely already heard about the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out Scheme, but as a restaurant, how exactly do you take advantage of it? The scheme opens up on 3rd August 2020 and will run until 31st August 2020. Eat Out to Help Out allows diners to receive a 50% discount when they eat […]


Could a Capital Allowance Tax Relief Claim Help to Ease Your Cash Flow?

July 2020


Finding ways to ensure that your business maintains cash flow despite the recent interruptions is going to be an important task for many businesses over the coming months. With many businesses still unsure of when they will be able to re-open, and others only just taking tentative steps in this new world, ensuring that you […]


Why Now Is the Time to Review Your Energy Prices

April 2020

Glowing Light Bulb on Table

Head of Business Costs & Finance, Scott Herd explains why now is the perfect time to review and save on your energy bills. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our lives, businesses and the wider economy. Many businesses are concerned for their future as they have to contend with a loss of earnings. […]


Keeping Your Insurance Policies Live During Closure or Reduced Business

April 2020

Photo of Insurance Document

If you’ve already sent us your Insurance documentation for us to review, thank you, we are currently in the process of reviewing these documents and will be in touch in due course with our findings. Should you have any urgent concerns please feel free to contact our Insurance helpline on 01925 906469 and we will […]


Why Your Business Should Take Card Payments

January 2020

Photo of Card Machine

The truth is, most customers expect to be able to pay by card these days, even just for small purchases. More and more customers are now opting for the speed and convenience of card payments, meaning businesses that remain cash-only are at risk of being left behind. With the advent of contactless and the ability […]


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