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IR35 Contract Review

Our Full IR35 Contract Review Service

We can provide a full IR35 contract review, where we assess both your contract and working practices to determine your IR35 status. We highly recommend this service to all limited company contractors and subcontractors. You don’t already need to be a client of Aston Shaw to use this service!

What is IR35?

IR35 is a piece of legislation that allows HMRC to collect additional payments of tax and National Insurance (NI) where a contractor is an employee in all but name. If your subcontractors share many similarities to that of an employee, you could be subject to an IR35 enquiry by HMRC. From April 2020, IR35 will affect the majority of businesses, so it is important that you act now.

How does the IR35 Contract Review service help?

Our IR35 review service will allow you the opportunity to ensure your compliance with the IR35 legislation. To do this we will look over the existing contracts and offer corrections and recommendations based upon our expert knowledge and experience in dealing with IR35 matters.

Features & Benefits

Once we’ve received the required documentation, we will thoroughly review your contract and working practices before providing you with the following:

How We Work

Our Full IR35 Contract Review service is delivered by our team of fully-qualified and experienced professionals. Simply send us your current or proposed contract along with any accompanying documents such as the contract schedule and we’ll get started on your review right away.

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