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Owners of privately-held businesses may want to know the value of their business for any number of reasons. It is, of course, necessary if you are considering selling your business, looking for investors or if you are doing any kind of estate or succession planning. Even if you currently have no plans to exit your business, knowing what your company is worth today will allow you to take steps to enhance and increase its valuation for the future.

Here at Aston Shaw, our licensed valuers use robust company valuation methods to provide an accurate figure that is in line with today’s market. Our specialists make sure that any valuation provided is realistic, objective and based on reliable information.

We understand that every business is different, that’s why we assess all the factors that make your business unique and that might affect its value. We use tried and tested valuation models and call on our experience and expertise to take into account all relevant tangible and intangible assets.

In the rare and unfortunate case of there being a dispute amongst the shareholders during the valuation process, our specialist forensic accounting team is available to assist in reaching an amicable solution for all parties involved.

Features & Benefits

Our specialist valuers take into account all the things that affect the value of a business, including:

Your business valuation is likely part of a larger project, which we can also help with. Our advice and support extends to mergers, acquisitions and disposals, inheritance tax & estate planning, turnaround & insolvency and non-resident tax planning.

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Firstly, we’ll invite you in for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss what it is you’re looking for over a cup of tea or coffee. Once we have fully understood your situation, we’ll explain how we might be able to help in a clear and simple manner.

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Other services we offer that may be of interest to you include:

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