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Non-Resident Tax Planning

We are experienced at dealing with, and mediating, all matters in relation to non-resident tax planning for landlords and domicile tax issues.

More about our non-resident tax planning service

Whether you are leaving the UK for employment in another country, coming from overseas to work in the UK, looking to purchase a property abroad or simply moving for a change of lifestyle – our friendly tax specialists can advise on your own unique tax position.

The tax rules and regulations regarding residency and domicile change regularly and therefore it is wise to seek guidance to keep your tax bill to a minimum. We can advise on tax planning and compliance for the following:

Residence Tax Rules

Income tax can be a changeable and complex area and therefore it is your best interests to seek specialist advice on what actions should be taken. We can provide professional recommendations on the following:

UK residents going abroad:

Overseas nationals coming over to the UK:

Non-Resident Landlords

Whether you own a property abroad as a lifestyle choice or as an investment to generate income, we at Aston Shaw can ensure that you are not paying more tax than required. It is important to consider certain factors relating to the property that will impact upon your tax liability including: the location of the property, the duration of rental periods and your own place of residence; in addition to this, keeping up to date with changing rates, allowances and tax laws can be challenging. We can offer guidance and make practical recommendations to reduce your tax liability on the following aspects:

Domicile Tax Status

At Aston Shaw, our tax specialists can provide advice and guidance with regards to your domicile status and minimising tax liabilities. In certain circumstances, a change of domicile can bring tax benefits, however careful consideration needs to be given as to the overall tax treatment of such a change. We can advise and share our expert insight into the following:

UK Nationals Leaving the UK:

Overseas Nationals Coming to the UK:

Why Choose Us?

As a client of Aston Shaw, you’ll benefit from unlimited advice and support – those things come as standard. We also offer:

And you can call, email or pop into any one of our offices as much as you like and we’ll always do our very best to assist you. We won’t charge you for meetings, phone calls or emails either.

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