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A Short Guide To Self Assessment Tax Returns

October 2017

Who needs to file a Self Assessment Tax Return?

The self assessment tax return is an annual requirement for people who do not pay their tax automatically through PAYE.

Self assessment tax returns are often submitted electronically to HMRC, with the deadline being 31st January following the end of the tax year. Alternatively, if filing as a paper return via the post, these have to be submitted by 31st October following the end of the tax year.

If you are self-employed, a Partner, Director, Landlord, a Trustee or registered with the CIS, you will have to file an annual tax return to HMRC declaring the amount of income you have earned.

There are quite a few different requirements for self assessment tax returns. That’s why we’ve put together a useful guide that explains these requirements, what you need to declare, the deadlines and the fines for missing them, or submitting inaccurate information.

For instance, the main types of self assessment tax return include:

Our guide also explains how we can help.

Our accountants will provide all the advice you need to ensure your tax return is accurate and submitted correctly first time.

We can assist you in becoming fully tax compliant and make sure you don’t pay too much tax.

You can complete and submit your tax return yourself if you wish. But many people also find the process complicated, laborious and stressful. Our tax advisors have lots of experience and make the process as easy as possible.

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