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Our Wills & Trusts Service

Our friendly Wills and Trusts specialists are ready to help with your estate planning, succession and inheritance tax needs. This includes structuring wills and trusts efficiently to help minimise your inheritance tax liability. We will ensure that your estate is set up in the most tax efficient manner and safeguard your assets for the long term.

There are many tax saving opportunities available and the earlier arrangements are made, the greater the chance you will have to preserve your assets for future beneficiaries. It is important when planning to transfer an estate, that adequate consideration and planning from a professional with a detailed knowledge of the current tax regime is undertaken.

We have considerable experience with regards to the structure of wills and utilisation of trust schemes and are happy to complement the services of other professionals that may be involved in your plans to protect your finances.

Our team of experts can provide advice and assistance for the following:

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Other services we offer that you may wish to use in conjunction with our cash-flow forecasting service include:

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