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Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Our Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning Service

We offer a comprehensive Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning Service to help you minimise your liabilities and comply with regulations.

We offer a bespoke inheritance tax and estate planning solution to help you preserve more of your estate legacy, without compromising on your financial security.

From the relatively simple to the more complex, we will assess your needs and devise strategies to minimise your inheritance tax liabilities and comply with both domestic and international estate planning regulations, as well as your own personal, family and business requirements.

We will review your estate, including personal and business assets, highlight opportunities to minimise tax and help you to make the best use of the gifts and exemptions allowed under inheritance tax rules, including lifetime gifts, annual gifts, gifts to charities and agricultural and business property relief. We can make recommendations on other estate planning solutions, including life insurance policies, trusts and wills, which if are set up in the correct way can help to offset significant inheritance tax bills in the future.

Whatever the size of your estate, at Aston Shaw, we can advise on methods to help you pass on your assets more effectively and tax-efficiently. We are happy to conduct an inheritance tax review, to assess your exposure to inheritance tax and advise on ways to minimise any liability.

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When it comes to matters concerning inheritance tax and estates, it can all seem overwhelming and complicated but the good news is we do all the work for you, all you need to do is get in touch with us, we’ll handle the rest.

The first step is to invite you in for a free, no-obligation chat to discuss the nature of your business – or we can come to you to save you the trip.

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And you can call, email or pop into any one of our offices as much as you like and we’ll always do our very best to assist you. We won’t charge you for meetings, phone calls or emails either.

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