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5 Top tips to reduce your corporation tax bill

October 2022

We’ve put together 5 ways to help reduce your corporation tax. What is a corporation tax return? A corporation tax return is the financial information most businesses submit to HMRC each year to report on their profit, losses and other factors relating to their tax liability.   This information is then used to determine how much, […]


How will the cost-of-living crisis affect your business?

October 2022

Key takeaways Customers are spending less Businesses need to target their marketing Diversify your offering Make changes now to save in the long-term Re-assess business costs and consolidate Consumers are tightening their wallets, and the cost of doing business is rising but what effect will this have on your business? As the average household’s disposable […]


Making Tax Digital – Key changes that may affect you.

October 2022

HMRC has reminded businesses of the upcoming VAT portal closure at the end of October. Key takeaways: The existing HMRC VAT portal will no longer be available from Tuesday 1st November 2022. If a business doesn’t use Making Tax Digital (MTD) compatible software when submitting its VAT returns, the business will be subject to a […]


Capital Gains Tax – An Overview

October 2021

Person handing over documents

Capital Gains Tax, often referred to as CGT, is a tax applied to the selling of an asset you own. You pay tax on the gain, not the amount you sold it for, hence the name Capital Gains Tax. What is capital gains tax? Capital Gains Tax is the amount payable on the profit when […]


Are You Cybercrime Savvy?

September 2021

cyber security

Cybercrime has been a long-standing issue, and we have only seen it grow since the beginning of the pandemic. The BBC have reported that investment scams have quadrupled since virus lockdown. Your financial security is our priority, so we’ve put together some information that can help you identify suspicious activity in the digital world. The […]


NICs and Dividend Tax Rates 2022 Summary

September 2021

NIC and Dividend Changes 2021

In a bid to help fund health and social care costs, National Insurance contributions (NICs) and dividend tax rates will rise from April 2022 National Insurance Contribution changes from April 2022 Employees will pay 1.25% more on National Insurance (NI) from April 2022. A recap on who pays NI: All employees on their salaries (those […]


Do I Have to Pay UK Tax on Foreign Income?

September 2021

Photo of Calculator Surrounded by Foreign Currency

We get asked this question a lot. So often in fact that we decided it’s a subject worth covering in a blog. In most cases, there is a simple answer to this question. If you are not a UK resident, you won’t need to pay tax in the UK. If you are a UK resident, […]


From Idea to Start-Up: A Lending Hand

July 2021

Start-Up Assistance from Accountants

Going from the creative stage to the nitty-gritty details of registering your start-up business, managing finances, tax, bookkeeping – and everything else that comes with running a business – can be a daunting leap. We are here to guide you through all of these intricacies, and assure you that you have an experienced helping hand, […]


What’s the Difference Between Accountants & Bookkeepers?

June 2021

Identifying the differences between accountants and bookkeepers

For businesses of any size, accounting and bookkeeping can services provide considerable and profitable advantages. They help to ensure that a business is compliant with HMRC, that they are maximising their finances, and can optimise a business’s growth. It is, however, often questioned what the difference is between the two functions, and which one is […]


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