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Case Study: 36k Savings on Electricity Bills

December 2020

An image of festive lights, which this client can now use at a cheaper price.

This client will be having a merry little Christmas this year thanks to Our Business Cost Reduction service.

Our lovely Business Cost Reduction Manager, Molly Harvey, recently worked with one of our clients, a local Suffolk hotel and restaurant. Molly took the time to assess the business’s contract rates and was able to save a substantial sum on their yearly electricity and gas bills.

Being a restaurant and hotel, they are high users of electricity and gas, so unrevised business costs can truly become a costly burden. We have some really competitive rates thanks to our partnerships with all of the leading energy suppliers, so we were able to utilise our partnership benefits to get the best possible rate.

The new tariff saved them a magnitude of £36,571.14 a year on electricity costs.

Without our help, this business would have likely continued to overspend £36,000+ per year on their electricity bill. This incredible reduction was made possible due to Molly’s expertise and Aston Shaw’s bespoke business rates.

We are always on-hand to advise any future needs this hotel and restaurant may have, as well as all of our clients who enquire about our Business Cost Reduction services.

If you are interested in how we can help you save money on your business costs, why not get in touch – we can save you money on much more than just electricity bills.

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