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Service Buster: Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

October 2014

What Can We Do?

Inheritance Tax is applicable to those whose estate, including assets held in trusts and gifts made anytime up to 7 years prior to the owner dying, exceeds the sum of £325 000 (correct as of 2014): and, naturally, as experienced and highly qualified accountants, we are experienced at minimising inheritance tax and estate planning.

Aston Shaw can review your estate and find the most suitable ways in which your beneficiaries can pay less Inheritance Tax and still be fully compliant within the boundaries of regulation. The opportunities we can look at are:

We understand that estate planning can be a difficult process, we have worked alongside many clients to achieve a plan that was the best for them and ultimately, a plan they were pleased with.

If you are looking to plan for the future, you can get in touch with one of our expert advisers and arrange a free consultation where we can sit down and discuss your needs.

To get in touch with your nearest office,

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