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Why You Should Open a Business in 2022

December 2021

As we all know, nearly all businesses (not just in the UK but) around the world have suffered during the Covid pandemic. Although there may still be some doubt with the new Omicron Covid variant, we at Aston Shaw like to take a brighter and optimistic approach to life moving forward in the new year. With new incentives and trends adapting each year – running a business in the modern era has never been as cost-efficient as it has been now.

In this case, we are discussing the reasons why you should open a business in 2022.


Digital and Cloud Technologies 

Many small companies lack a strong online presence. Your ability to use today’s digital and cloud technologies, as well as your commitment to keep on top of whatever technology your customers use, will determine your success over the next 10 years. These days, it’s Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Twitter. Using digital cloud technologies such as dropbox and google drive can help your small business easily track all aspects of your startup from stock control to sales leads. It’s a form of technology that is constantly adapting and becoming easier to use for all members of any business.


Digital Marketing Efficiency 

Small-business owners must face the fact that digital marketing is here to stay and will continue to be the future of marketing. While digital marketing may not completely replace in-person profile development, as it did during the Covid pandemic, its cost- and time-efficiency cannot be overlooked. Digital marketing can vary with its services, but its social media that is the strongest point for all start-up businesses. Across the UK, it’s proven that all the famous-small businesses have gained a reputation through word of mouth and social media. Platforms such as Instagram have allowed for a visual proof of their services and products to be given to customers.


Start-up Available Financing

Every year there are new financial incentives created by the UK Government to help support businesses of all sorts – start ups included. To date there are over 150 schemes provided to businesses and they are all catered to specific circumstances, industries and regions of the individuals requesting the support. For example, there’s an enterprise programme for young people (aged 18-30) who want to set up their own business as long as they meet the requirements laid out to be eligible for the scheme. Next year could potentially see even more and new incentives being created for start-ups with the economy still continuing its recovery, incentives are bound to be created to help boost this after the Covid pandemic


The new trend of shopping local 

Since the Covid pandemic hit, there has become a larger emphasis on shopping at independently/locally-owned shops. This is to help the small business owners (who are struggling financially from the pandemic restrictions) avoid a worst-case scenario – where they result in becoming bankrupt. As a result of this trend during the pandemic, shoppers’ experience with these businesses have been satisfying where now they continue to support these local shops by purchasing and trading from there as opposed to the larger companies who have the financial stability to stay afloat during the crisis.


These are just 4 reasons why you should consider starting up a business in 2022. Although there is a lot of current uncertainties with the UK economy and the rise of the new Covid Omicron variant, it’s still a positive and realistic outlook on potentially starting a new business during the new year.

Are you thinking of potentially starting up your business? Here at Aston Shaw, we have a wide variety of services that could aid you set up good management of your own finances. Contact us here and one of our friendly advisors will reach out for a free, informal chat about your options.

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