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The Importance of Good Record Keeping

August 2018

Photo of Good Company Records

In this blog, we’ll be examining a public case study that highlights the importance of keeping good company records. Recently, the director of a construction and civil engineering company based in Glasgow has received a six-year ban for failing to keep adequate company records. David Simpson Duffy, the director of Annick Structures Ltd (ASL) has […]


Why We’re More Than Just Accountants

June 2018

Aston Shaw Accountant Giving Advice to Client

The accountancy industry is changing. The role of a modern-day accountant is very different to what it used to be, this is largely down to the advent of cloud accounting. Cloud accounting has completely changed the industry, tasks that your accountant might once have performed can now be automated. Fortunately for us, we saw this […]


The Role Of A Client Manager

May 2018

Photo of Aston Shaw Client Manager Meeting With Client

The relationship between Client Managers and our clients has always been at the forefront of our corporate culture, it is the driving force behind both our own and more importantly, our client’s success. We firmly believe that we owe much of our success and reputation to the fact that our Client Managers are the sole […]


Do I Need a Bookkeeper If I Already Have an Accountant?

February 2018

Photo of a Pile of Receipts

Louise Tiller, a Bookkeeper here at Aston Shaw explains how you can still benefit from having a Bookkeeper even if you already have an Accountant. In short, the answer is YES! Your Accountant finalises your accounts on a quarterly and yearly basis while your bookkeeper analyses your data on a weekly or monthly basis, communicating […]


How to Start Securely Exchanging Documents with Your Accountant

January 2018


In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how you can register for our Client Login and start securely exchanging documents with your Client Manager. Emails are great, they’re an effective means of communication, however, they are an unsecured method of sharing files. Email accounts are frequently compromised and are therefore not the safest platform for […]


Is Your New Years Resolution To Start A Business?

January 2018

Happy blonde female spice store owner at counter looking into distance

At the start of the New Year, many people will be considering their resolution as they move into 2018. Most individuals will look to joining the gym, or altering their diet but a few will be dreaming of starting their own business. Whether by yourself or as a team, starting a business is a large […]


How We Work

December 2017

AS Logo

If there’s one thing that sets us apart from other accountancy firms, it’s how we work. We’re personal, friendly and straightforward. Accountants are human beings too (believe it or not). We get lots of questions about how we work, in general as well as how we carry out specific tasks: how we do a tax […]


6 Things Holding you Back from Switching Accountants

September 2017

Switching Accountants Aston Shaw

Switching accountants is quicker and easier than you think. If you feel as though you’re not getting the quality of service you deserve or the right kind of advice when you need it most, then it’s time to think about switching accountants. Maybe you think your accountant is charging too much and not reducing your […]


Be Vigilant: Scams Extremely Common This Time of Year

July 2017

Laptop With Skull Sign On Black Document Over Yellow Envelope

It is a sad fact that around this time of year, HMRC scams become more common. Fraudsters and scammers of all varieties often pose as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) staff, due to many taxpayers having payments due by 31st July. Scammers may attempt to communicate with you through a variety of methods, including emails, […]


The Future of Audit

May 2017

Close up man calculate cost on desk at home.

In this industry, frequent change is something we’ve become quite accustomed to. Audit is certainly no exception. The way in which businesses are required to prepare for their audit is changing, and therefore the way in which we as auditors deliver our service must change too. In the past, an auditor’s role was as straightforward […]


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