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Why Apprenticeships Are a Real Alternative to University

August 2015

Many people across the country will be reveling in their A-level/GCSE results and thinking about options for the future. For some, the decision is not an easy one. This is understandable, as not all of us know what is it we want to do right away, or how to get there. However, we can start by looking at the two main routes people take after school/sixth form; university or an apprenticeship.

Both are very different and have their own advantages and disadvantages, choosing which is best for you can be difficult. Of course, the right option for you will depend on your own goals and ambitions. University may be well be the right option for you, however, we feel that apprenticeships are often overlooked as a stepping stone into a great career – particularly for professional services. Apprenticeships have evolved and changed greatly over recent years and are no longer just for those seeking to learn trade skills. Apprenticeships are now available in a wide range of industries, including more academic fields, making apprenticeships a real contender for universities.

Earn while you learn apprenticeships

Being able to learn new skills and gain a qualification while still earning a wage is one of the great advantages of apprenticeships. Rather than paying large sums of money in tuition fees, you can be earning as you work towards a qualification. Not only that, there is real chance of a career at the end of it.

Real working experience

Apprenticeships can allow you to become qualified and prove yourself in a real working environment. An apprenticeship is proof that not only do you have the knowledge required, but also the skill to thrive in a real working environment. Simultaneously gaining work experience and a qualification is an excellent way to fast-track your career.

The qualifications are just as good

This is particularly true of the accounting sector, for example if you take the AAT Higher/Technical apprenticeship in accounting, you can undertake a range of accountancy tasks and have the opportunity to progress to chartered status, just like university graduates.

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