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New Director Appointed at Aston Shaw

April 2021

Effective from 1st April 2021, long-serving employee Gary White has been appointed Director of Aston Shaw.

Gary first joined Aston Shaw in 2002 as a Receptionist and Trainee Accountant at our long since departed Norwich office on Yarmouth Road. It was here that Gary displayed his versatility and ability to develop a variety of skills, including accounting, VAT and Personal Tax. Almost immediately, he began to find efficiencies in each of these departments, continually finding ways to provide a better service. Hence why just two years after joining the firm, Gary was in charge of Personal Tax and Payroll Manager in 2004, owing to his natural aptitude and unparalleled work ethic.

It was around this time we had grown significantly as a business, requiring us to move from our Norwich office on Yarmouth Road to a considerably larger one on Thorpe Road. Towards the end of 2004, Gary relocated to our Great Yarmouth office where he was appointed as Office Manager.

In 2007, Gary resumed his role as Payroll Manager while simultaneously acting as Office Manager for the Great Yarmouth office. By the end of 2013, Gary left the Great Yarmouth office to join the Norwich office once more.

Just as in 2004, our company success and consequently expansion meant that we had outgrown our office on Thorpe Road. In 2016, we therefore moved again, this time to our current premises within The Union Building on Rose Lane. Due to the rapid growth of the Payroll team, Gary once again resumed his role as Payroll Manager, a role he still holds presently whilst also acting as Director.

2020 and 2021 have been extremely difficult years for Gary and the Payroll team, as the advent of the Furlough Scheme has increased the workload of the team tenfold. However, despite these difficulties, the team have managed to successfully claim over £16 million in furlough claims for our clients. Gary and the team are working hard to complete the remaining furlough whilst resuming our usual industry-leading turnaround times during this difficult year.

Gary White, now Director, commented “I was very happy to be offered the Director role which I’ve gladly accepted, it’s great to see the hard work I’ve put in over the years be recognised in this way. I look forward to what the future holds.”

Mark Noakes, Director, added “Few individuals have done as much to grow and shape Aston Shaw as Gary. We are all acutely aware of the impact Gary has had on the firm and just how much of our success can be attributed to him. That is why it was a great pleasure to offer him the position, it’s extremely well deserved.”

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