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Gas Price Slump Means Savings Can Be Made

November 2019

Our Business Cost Reduction Team are avidly working to make clients aware that big savings can currently be made on their business’s gas contract renewals, as prices have dipped to an amazing 18 month low.

The reason for this dramatic price drop is in part due to Europe being predicted to have a fairly mild winter this year, coupled with the fact there is also currently a strong supply available.

Whether your contract is coming to an end imminently, or you have only recently renewed, many suppliers are able to quote and lock in renewal prices as far in advance as 365 days ahead of time. So it would be well worth our team looking to see if we can save you money for the future, by taking advantage of this price slump now and locking in renewal prices before they rise again.

All that our team would require from you is a full gas statement dated within the last six months and a signed Letter of Authority in order to search the market on your behalf, which can be obtained through a member of our team.

If you are interested in finding out more about the price drop or whether we are able to save your business any money on costs, then please email us at costs@astonshaw.co.uk or call the Norwich office on 01603 616300 to speak to our costs team who will be happy to help.

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