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Auto-Enrolment – All Employers Must Complete A Declaration Of Compliance

March 2015

You may or may not have seen the government led television advertisements that shows workers declaring “we’re all in”; this is all part of the Automatic Enrolment campaign which is now in full swing, informing employers and employees that the way workplace pensions operate are changing significantly.

Automatic Enrolment is a new system which requires employers to automatically enrol their qualifying workers into a pension scheme and contribute towards their savings. The employee sets aside a percentage of their salary every month and both their employer and the government contributes a percentage to help increase their retirement savings.

You may have been told that if you have no employees, or that as a Director (and the only ‘employee’)  you don’t have to do anything and that auto-enrolment doesn’t apply to you, this is incorrect. Regardless of whether you have employees or not, all business owners must complete a declaration of compliance – this is to show the Pensions Regulator that you have complied with your employer duties.

Your declaration deadline is five calendar months after your staging date, failure to complete your declaration can result in an enforceable fine from the Pensions Regulator.

Key Points

To complete your declaration of compliance, visit the gov.uk website here:  https://www.autoenrol.tpr.gov.uk/

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