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Don’t Listen to the Bloke Down the Pub

December 2018

Photo of Man Stand at Bar in Pub

One of the great difficulties we face as accountants is providing clarity to our clients amongst all the misinformation, rumours and hearsay floating around out there. The issue of misinformation is particularly prevalent in the accounting industry, this is because there are so many rules and regulations that businesses must abide by that are constantly […]


Making Tax Digital for VAT

August 2018

Hand holding smartphone with making tax digital VAT records , flat style Vector illustration. Flat design.

Changes to Record Keeping and Procedure Introduction On the 13th of July 2017, the government announced the Making Tax Digital (MTD) timetable, revealing that businesses over the VAT threshold will be the first to qualify for keeping digital records. Under the schedule, businesses with VAT taxable turnover over £85,000 will have to keep digital records […]


Companies House & HMRC Resources

April 2018

Companies House & HMRC Resources

Finding the right resource or the right form from Companies House or HMRC can be tricky. For this reason, we’ve decided to put all the most important and useful resources all in one place, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Disclaimer In preparing and maintaining this blog post every effort has been […]


VAT Registration Threshold Frozen

January 2018

Photo of David Fiddy, Head of VAT at Aston Shaw

Our VAT Consultant explains why the VAT registration freeze may not be good news for everyone. Prior to the Autumn 2017 Budget, it was anticipated that the VAT registration threshold would be lowered. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t. Instead, it was frozen for “at least” the next two years. While this appears to be good news, […]


How Business Models Affect VAT Liability

July 2017

Man calculate cost and expenses and using laptop for search

Your business model probably isn’t something you would think affects your VAT liability. And why would you? At first glance both things appear completely unrelated, however this could not be further from the truth. By making yourself aware of your VAT obligations and how your business model impacts on them, you will be able to […]


Autumn Statement: Important Change to VAT Rulings

November 2016

Photo of David Fiddy, Head of VAT at Aston Shaw

A very important change to VAT rulings were announced in the Autumn Statement, though it seems a great deal of media sources have skipped over this announcement. Despite being overshadowed by other announcements, this is something you really ought to be aware of if these new rulings are to affect you. In the recent Autumn […]


The Impact of Brexit on VAT

July 2016

Photo of David Fiddy, Head of VAT at Aston Shaw

I have been surprised by the number of people that I meet who are not aware that VAT is a wholly European sales tax. The rules and basis of VAT are enshrined in European legislation of which the UK version is purely a copy. When we Brexit the EU, VAT will cease to be controlled […]


How to Claim Bad Debt Relief

June 2016

Photo of David Fiddy, Head of VAT at Aston Shaw

What is ‘bad debt relief’? Sometimes within the UK VAT system situations can arise wherein a business is required to pay VAT to HMRC before they have been paid by their customer. This can wreak havoc on a business’s cash flow. Fortunately, ‘bad debt relief’ exists to help businesses faced with this type of situation. […]


What Impact Will the EU Referendum Have on VAT?

June 2016

EU flag with United Kingdom flag merged in

No one can predict what will happen to the VAT rules, and rates, following the referendum on 23rd June. All we can say with certainty is that a vote to leave will have a huge impact on VAT regulations. VAT is regulated by the EU and the UK government is bound to abide by the […]


What to Expect in a HMRC Tax Investigation

May 2016

Businessman examining tax invoice through magnifying glass at desk

Have you ever tried calling through to HM Revenue & Customs? If yes, then you would be forgiven for thinking HMRC are too large an organisation to do anything quickly. While HMRC may not be winning any awards for its speedy answering of calls anytime soon, it is most certainly proficient at investigating those they […]


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