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Business Grants And Funding- Are You Eligible?

March 2015

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Most SME businesses and business owners may be eligible to receive a business grant, however a large majority may not be aware that it exists. Aston Shaw can provide a fully detailed and comprehensive assessment and review of your organisation to advise and assist with the application of any grants or funding schemes that you […]


9 Ways You Can Boost Your Business Profits

February 2015

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Boosting Your Business Profits 1. Retain Existing Customers Customer retention is a key part of boosting your business profits. It costs significantly less to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Keeping hold of the customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire and working to capacity means you’ll be spending less […]


Low Carbon Freight Dividend Project

December 2014

The Low Carbon Freight Dividend is an £8.4 million funded project that offers incentive to move containers via rail or coastal shipping as opposed to being moved using the road network. If you’re an eligible SME, you are offered a grant of up to 30% for not using the roads. The maximum payment per container […]


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