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Do You Need A-Levels for a Great Career?

August 2017

Today (at the time of writing at least) is A-level results day. For many, this is a day met with trepidation and a considerable amount of anxiety. Due to the emphasis placed on A-Levels, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are the be-all and end-all. Is this really the case though?

Once you make the decision to undertake A-levels, it is of course, important to give it your all. A-levels are essential for some careers, there is no denying that, but the point of this blog is to point out that they are not essential for ALL careers.

Imagine you are about to embark on a road trip, you have a destination in mind, you just need to decide on the route that you are going to take. You’ll likely have a number of options available to you, perhaps you want to take the fastest route, or perhaps you want to take the scenic route – or maybe the one that avoids motorways (probably a good idea if it means avoiding the M5). In short, the point of this metaphor is to demonstrate that more often than not, there is more than one way to reach your destination.

A-levels are a route into some fantastic careers, but there are others. We’re an accountancy firm, now working in an accountancy firm may or may not be of interest to you, but we are just one example of a sector/industry that doesn’t require you to have A-levels in order to succeed.

At Aston Shaw, our team is made up of people who came to us through, sixth form, university and straight from school by joining us through an apprenticeship scheme. Regardless of they got here, all employees are presented with the exact same level of opportunities. While we are proud to be so inclusive, we are by no means the only company to do this. There are plenty of companies where you can succeed without A-levels.

So, in the end, our advice to you is not to sweat it too hard today. If your A-level results aren’t quite what you hoped for, think of it as just an obstacle – some road works blocking your route. What do you do when your route is blocked? You try another one. It’s entirely possible you could end up taking the scenic route, and you might just be glad you did.

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