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COVID-19: Our Service to You

March 2020

Firstly, we would like to reassure clients that we are still up and running. Many of our staff are now working from home, meaning that any outstanding work from our end will still be completed.

We ask that you bear with us though, as due to the government implication that up to date financial statements may be necessary to claim government support, there has been an influx of clients asking us to update their accounts, VAT and create cashflow forecasts. Added to this, we are running with a reduced level of staff due to the outbreak.

We therefore kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this time. We would like to reiterate that all outstanding work will still be completed and that you are still welcome to contact us about anything, though turnaround times may be slightly reduced.

As we have mentioned in previous emails, to help clients through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have heavily discounted many of our business advisory services. We’ve also dedicated more resource to our HR team so that they can better deal with your questions, such as what your options are with regards to staff.

We would also like to draw your attention to our Business Survival Plan, which has been setup to give your business a bespoke plan of action to survive the current situation we find ourselves in.

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to wish you and your families all the best. Stay safe.

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