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How to Start Your Own Business

April 2019


Starting a business isn’t easy. There are numerous hurdles you must overcome; however, the result can be extremely rewarding. If you would like to start your own business there are series of steps you need to follow, follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to owning a successful business. Ask yourself why […]


Why You Should Start A Business In Norwich

February 2019

A photo taken from Mousehold Heath on a Summer's day in the city of Norwich. The image shows many landmarks including the Cathedral, The Forum, City Hall and the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Norwich may have once had a reputation for being something of a quaint, sleepy and colloquial backwater, but that worn-out stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth today. In fact, as recent surveys and high-profile news articles will confirm, Norwich is one of the most popular places to live, study, work and do business in […]


Is Your New Years Resolution To Start A Business?

January 2018

Happy blonde female spice store owner at counter looking into distance

At the start of the New Year, many people will be considering their resolution as they move into 2018. Most individuals will look to joining the gym, or altering their diet but a few will be dreaming of starting their own business. Whether by yourself or as a team, starting a business is a large […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business In Cambridge

November 2017

Cambridge High street

Cambridge is a quintessentially English city, synonymous with bicycles, punting and a world-class university. While it may not be quite so well known for its thriving business community, it is just as much an integral part of the city’s culture as cyclists! There are many well-founded and valid reasons to start a business in Cambridge, but in […]


Why Ipswich Is a Great Place to Start a Business

October 2017

"Ipswich, England - March 22, 2012: A junction of streets in the older part of Ipswich, the County Town of Suffolk, England, on a bright spring day with sunlight and shadows: Elm Street, Lion Street, King Street and Arcade Street through the arch. The blue plaque on Poets Bistro records that the poet Jean Ingelow once lived there. She wrote many famous poems including 'High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire'. Two women and a man chat on the sunny side of King Street."

Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk, a town that makes the defensible claim of being the oldest in the country. Ipswich has a long and varied history, its beginnings can be traced back to early Roman settlers. Today, Ipswich is a prosperous town that many successful businesses are fortunate enough to call home. We […]


Things to Consider Before Running a Business from Home

September 2017

Red Monopoly house sitting on top of a pile of British pound coins

Have you ever thought about running a business from home? Let’s take a look at what you need to know to make your decision. 1. Permissions You may need permission from a few entities before you can run a business from home; one of these is your mortgage provider or landlord. You should check with […]


Why Networking Is Relevant Now More Than Ever

September 2017

Photo of Glenn Savill, Relationship Manager at Aston Shaw

Just the word ‘networking’ is enough to induce anxiety and feelings of dread, but this common reaction to the word ‘networking’ can mainly be attributed to misunderstandings and false assumptions. Networking really isn’t something to be afraid of, some events can prove extremely fruitful for businesses. The majority of networking events are far more relaxed […]


Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich Predicted to Be Fastest Growing UK Cities in 2017

January 2017

Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich on Aston Shaw Map

Research recently conducted by Cebr on behalf of law firm Irwin Mitchell has revealed that Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich are predicted to be amongst the top 10 fastest growing UK cities in 2017. These findings suggest that the value of goods and services produced in Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich will grow significantly in 2017 despite […]


Guide to Crowdfunding

February 2016

Crowdfunding explanation diagram against blue background

In recent years, people have been forced to raise finance for their businesses in less conventional ways. The economic crisis has resulted in banks having much stricter requirements for approving loans. If a bank loan is out of the question, where do you turn? There are a number of alternative routes to raising finance, the […]


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