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Case Study: A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

October 2018

Photo of Scott Herd, Head of Financial Services at Aston ShawOur recently appointed Client Services Manager, Scott Herd has been busy helping our clients make savings on their business’s overheads. In this blog, we’ll show you how Scott was able to save members of The Bodyshop Fellowship significant sums of money.

The Bodyshop Fellowship is an organisation that supports Bodyshop’s across the UK. Having heard of the cost-cutting services we provide, Andy Gillett, Director of The Bodyshop Fellowship approached us to ask if we could help any of its members to save on their overheads.

Scott began contacting the members to identify if any savings could be made. As was expected, the majority of the Bodyshop’s Scott contacted were paying more than they needed to.

How much were we able to save the members?

 Here are some of the key savings we were able to make:

“My savings are £2,674 per year so I would need to repair 100 cars to get that money back… and that’s on gas alone! I think the lower the fixed overheads are the better equipped we are to survive. The new contracts will not just help us survive but thrive.”

Bodyshop Fellowship Steering Group Member

Rick Kerry of Ipswich

Most businesses can make savings in one area or another, whether that’s on electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance or business supplies; these savings can often vastly exceed expectations. If you would like a free, no-obligation review of your outgoings then feel free to give Scott a call on 07787 410878 or email him at

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